The Yard 2


Nourish yourself at Huriyali Gardens

The word Huriyali, translated from Hindi, is used to describe a lush green space – think rainforests or botanical gardens. The word evokes a sense of green vibrance. These concepts are what served as the primary inspiration for College of Charleston grads Tom McFall and Ruchi Mistry when they founded Huriyali Juices and Gardens just…


Martial Arts and MMA: Not all bloody knuckles and black eyes

Ronda Rousey, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women’s Bantamweight Champion, was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, depriving her of oxygen; she could not speak intelligibly until she was six. Holly Holm, daughter of a preacher and another former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, began her love of boxing during an Aerobics class,…


Boundaries: Locking diversity out of the College of Charleston

1967: The first black students enroll at the College of Charleston. Diversity, as Google defines it, is “a range of different things, a mixture, an assortment, a mélange and a difference.” Enter human beings. This basic notion of diversity suddenly develops into something a little more serious and a little more deserving than Google’s “assortment.”…


The Yard explores the avant-garde: 10 years of Fashion Week in the Holy City

Five nights of authentic, avant-garde fashion: the 10th anniversary of Charleston Fashion Week was nothing but impressive. There were a whopping 40 runway shows, a Rock the Runway Model Competition and Emerging Designer Competition. Tracy Reese, Creatures of the Wind and CADET were the featured designers this year. These three feature designers, the five epic…

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