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It’s not easy being green: The Office of Sustainability gets down to earth

Do you ever wonder where the apple you are eating came from? Or what would happen if you tried to go a week without producing any waste? The Office of Sustainability Internship Program’s mission for students is to improve sustainability at the College, develop skills and gain experience as a student and as a professional….


Heath is a hit: Old face, new philosophy for College of Charleston baseball

On June 22, 2015 Matt Heath was promoted to be the head coach of the College of Charleston baseball team when news broke that former head coach, Monte Lee, was leaving to coach the Clemson Tigers. Since the 2011 season, while Heath served as the pitching coach to Lee’s Cougars, the team won an impressive…


Center Stage

Charleston teems with theater aficionados, actors, playwrights and directors alike. From the Footlight Players and the Holy City Shakespeare group to College of Charleston’s own Department of Theatre and Dance, the same passion for drama is everywhere. This rings especially true for Center Stage, the only student run theater organization at the College dedicated to…


Prejudice: looking into the darker windows of our souls

Prejudice Noun An unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex, religion etc. A feeling of like or dislike for someone or something especially when it is not reasonable or logical Until the year 313 A.D., Christians were persecuted for being Christian. It was illegal to openly worship until the…


Storytellling through craft

Charleston is a particularly creative, art-focused city and for some students at the College, crafting is a way of life. CisternYard interviewed Danielle Mellem of local jewelry business Our Spare Change and independent Etsy shop owner Casey Witkowski to shed some light on the College’s most innovative and talented purveyors of craft. Danielle Mellem • jewelry…


Finding their own beat

Charleston abounds with local artists of all sorts: visual, decorative, performing. You name it and the odds are Charleston has it. But there is something special about the following six musicians; not only do they write, produce, sing and play their own music, they are college students. On top of classes, internships and extracurricular activities,…

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