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Off to the races!

From magazine rankings to movies, most portrayals of Charleston seek to capture the city’s secluded gardens, flavorful cuisine and charming architecture. But what happens when the gracious, old soul of the South collides with the muddy fury of modern politics? Quite a lot actually. Dr. Amanda Ruth-McSwain spearheads the College’s Bully Pulpit Series, a program…


Tattoo Tuesday: The Razor and the Rose

Kids here in Charleston are itching to get inked. Sophomore Liam Hodges hit the tattoo parlor recently, scratching his itch for the ninth time. “A lot of people say that, when you get your first tattoo, you either never get another one or go crazy and get addicted,” Hodges said. “I guess you could say…


Students learn suffering, self-sufficiency

Do you know the struggle? Sources say it can be real. Across the United States, there is a group of people who know the interior of the struggle bus very well: college students. Older generations like to reminisce about college as “the glory days” or “the best years” of their lives, and post-graduation life is…


The 12 Days of … Nothing Special, Really

The holidays are approaching again and every year they seem to come earlier. Christmas decorations emerge before Halloween even rears its ghoulish head, and Thanksgiving is almost glossed over in the rush to Dec. 25. This year, though, intrepid Swamp Fox reporters asked themselves, “What do people who don’t celebrate Christmas do during the holiday…


No Place Like Home: Bringing awareness to hunger and homelessness

’Tis the beginning of that magical time of the year: the holiday season. The season of spending time with loved ones, giving gifts and, who are we kidding, eating pie. It is a magical time of year; however, it is important to stop and appreciate it all. Recognizing privilege is not a check point to…

The College Cuts Back

In a late October meeting, the College of Charleston Board of Trustees approved a budget readjustment that will resolve a $1.25 million shortage caused by low registration numbers from students paying out-of-state tuition. “While our incoming freshman class represents the most South Carolina students in school history and our total number of undergraduate students is…

Turkey Alternatives: Thanksgiving across the country

Every year it’s the same routine. For most of us, we crowd around a table decked out with a Butterball turkey, pillowy mountains of mashed potatoes, canned cranberry sauce and maybe some lightly sautéed (or microwaved) green beans. While these traditional spreads may hit the spot and satisfy your hunger, they can become dull year…


Behind the Lens: Capturing the Art of Dorian Warneck

Charleston has a certain self-promoting image, of Rainbow Row and horse drawn carriages, of winning award after award, of being the “Friendliest City in the U.S.,” “Best Destination in the U.S.” and even “Best Post- College Town.” But there is more to this city than a list of accolades: there are people. Charlestonians lay claim…

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