Election 2012

Clyde the Cougar drops by Anderson Cooper 360 broadcast live from the Cistern.

Anderson Cooper broadcasts show live from Cistern, Clyde pays visit

A mass of students postponed partying Friday evening and gathered in the Cistern for a live broadcast of the nightly CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°. CNN has been broadcasting from the Cistern since Wednesday and will continue through the South Carolina Republican presidential primary on Saturday. The coverage, mainly political, has utilized a static…


Well Suited Candidates

If you were President, what would you wear? You could wear a majestic red cape and tights to externalize your most Captain America qualities and save this country. Imagine a campaign commercial of a star-spangled candidate leaping from building to building. Zip! Zap! A flash of spandex; a lightning beam smile! The president will soar…

Texas Governor and Republican presidential nominee Rick Perry.

Josh Brolin’s character from “W” comes to Crab House for meet-and-greet

Err, wait, is that… Rick Perry? Exactly five months ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose cowboy swagger, Texas accent, and bumbling yet confident speeches are reminiscent of former Texas governor and president George W. Bush, stood in the Francis Marion Hotel and announced he was running for president of the United States. Much has changed…

Police wary of Occupy presence at Gingrich speech

Campus police were on alert after being warned of the presence of Occupy Charleston members on the Sottile Theater balcony during Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s speech on Monday. According to one public safety officer, they were given the tip by an “anonymous suited man” and subsequently moved several more officers upstairs to the balcony….

Newt Gingrich speaks with students and members of the community. The former Speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate spoke on campus yesterday, Nov. 28, in Sottile Theater. (Colin Johnson/GSO)

Gingrich speaks at the College, focuses on a campaign against Obama

Walking to the front of the stage, Congressman Tim Scott shouted out, “Good evening.” A weak response from the audience. He then said, “I said, Good evening.” The audience becomes louder with its response and Scott continues with the momentum. “It’s time in America for a new President.” Scott, a U.S. House Representative for South…

Newt Gingrich scheduled to come to campus in Bully Pulpit Series

Newt Gingrich, former U.S. Speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate, is headed to Sottile Theater at 7 p.m. on Nov. 28 to participate in the “Bully Pulpit Series: Reflections on Presidential Communication.” Gingrich will be joined by Representative Tim Scott of South Carolina’s District 1 on the Monday following Thanksgiving break. The Bully…

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