Vatican, WVRM, Queensway, Hangman, and Cazador at Cory’s Grilled Cheese — A Show Review

A mystically foggy night in a grocery store shopping center lined with palmetto trees is like a burgeoning, brutal metal scene in the suburbs of Charleston: a paradox, but a welcome one.   When I arrived at Cory’s (a specialty grilled cheese restaurant by day), the lights were off and Cazador’s vocalist was mid wail,…


“& I’m Fine Today” by Susto — A Live Album Review

Susto’s newest album, & I’m Fine Today, showcases the Charleston band’s ability to diversify their instrumentation and aesthetic, but ultimately strays away from what they did best on their debut album which was appealing to the local music scene through beautiful accounts of life in Charleston.  The album comes three years after their official self-titled…


Stephen Lesage: power-lifting astronaut

“So is it safe to say you don’t have a fear of heights?” “Not really—kind of…I’m more scared of going underwater.” Stephen Lesage, a senior here at the College, has been spotlighted recently in multiple articles about his impressive accomplishments with powerlifting. In 2015, a friend of Lesage’s became curious in powerlifting, Lesage joined along…

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