The Death of an “Icon”

When someone passes away it’s natural for people to bring up memories from their life, even if they aren’t good. This leaves us with the question, when does it go too far?  On February 19th, Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, passed away from pancreatic cancer. Many celebrities and models took to social media…


Thanksgiving Like No Other

Imagine: almost forty New York Italians all under one roof for 7 days. Well that’s my family during Thanksgiving. And yes, it’s exactly like what you’d imagine. Loud, crowded and there’s LOTS of food. We all play cards every night, there’s dance parties, competitions and sometimes just chilling around the kitchen singing our family’s favorite…


Freshman Voice: Peacock on a Plane?

A female traveler was recently banned from taking a large “emotional-support peacock” on board a United Airlines flight. In 2016 a domesticated emotional support turkey was allowed to board a plane and traveled from Seattle, Washington to Salt Lake City, Utah. Recently, a female student flying out of Baltimore airport “had to” flush her emotional…

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