Real Talk: Finstas

During my sophomore year of high school, I was once tasked with consoling a friend over a harsh post about her on another peer’s Instagram. A foreign concept to me at the time, she explained how the content was posted on someone’s ‘finsta’. Short for ‘fake instagram’, finstas are merely private Instagram accounts created under…


Ozark: a review

Season two of the Emmy-nominated, Netflix Original, Ozark, offered viewers an even closer look into the lives of the Byrde family. This new batch of ten episodes was released on Netflix at the end of August, but the craze and talk surrounding the show is still continuing. I personally just began watching season one just…



On January 13th, Gillette Razors released its newest ad campaign: ‘We Believe: The Best Men Can Be.’ Comprised of real news stories and scripted scenes, the ad tackles the issue of toxic masculinity in society. In the beginning, a narrator asks the question: “Is this the best a man can get?” in reference to Gillette’s…


Censorship: Asset or Hindrance?

In the United States, we are granted five liberties in the first amendment of the Constitution: freedom of speech, press, religion, as well as the rights to petition and assemble. Censorship is an issue in American society which reveals the unclear boundaries of what these freedoms protect. Although not a new issue, the growth of…


Politics with Pavlinec: Sorting through Sensationalism – The Migrant Caravan

The migrant caravan is a clear focus of politicians, news media and political pundits regardless of their political leaning. Unfortunately, it is clear that segments of both sides of the political aisle are using the caravan to propagate whatever message they see fit. Starting with the right, President Donald Trump claimed that there were “unknown…


Thanksgiving Like No Other

Imagine: almost forty New York Italians all under one roof for 7 days. Well that’s my family during Thanksgiving. And yes, it’s exactly like what you’d imagine. Loud, crowded and there’s LOTS of food. We all play cards every night, there’s dance parties, competitions and sometimes just chilling around the kitchen singing our family’s favorite…

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