Satire and Farce


The 12 Days of … Nothing Special, Really

The holidays are approaching again and every year they seem to come earlier. Christmas decorations emerge before Halloween even rears its ghoulish head, and Thanksgiving is almost glossed over in the rush to Dec. 25. This year, though, intrepid Swamp Fox reporters asked themselves, “What do people who don’t celebrate Christmas do during the holiday…


Portraits of Saddlebrooks cause library disruption

A terrible raucous broke out in the Addlestone library Monday evening as the portraits of Darlene and Allen Saddlebrook, situated opposite each other in the center atrium, began a heated dispute that almost ended in tragedy. The argument, witnesses claim, was about Netflix. “I’m a big Gilmore Girls fan,” Darlene’s depiction shouted with a motionless expression on her…

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