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The mourning after: Post election thoughts from the editorial staff of CisternYard News

Jaquan Leonard: Creative Director November of 2008, the day after Barack Obama was announced as the president-elect, I wore a t-shirt. Pictured on the front were the new president and first lady. On the back were the words “Yes We Can!” Sitting in class, a conservative student looked at me and said, “You just want…


“No Man’s Sky”: If a Computer could play God

At popular video game conference E3 this year, game developer Sean Murray of Hello Games showcased some live gameplay of the studio’s new game, “No Man’s Sky.”  It featured first-person space combat and exploration of extraterrestrial planets. The graphics were state-of-the-art and absolutely gorgeous, and the space scenes were vast and almost life-like.  But more…


What a village on the Jordanian-Syrian border can teach us about brotherhood

Earlier this year, I visited the tiny village of Dafyaneh, Jordan, a small cluster of cheaply built limestone homes huddled together against the rain, less than a mile from the Syrian border. To the al-Issa, a local tribe that has inhabited the area in and around Dafyaneh for hundreds of years, that border never even existed…

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