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Off to the races!

From magazine rankings to movies, most portrayals of Charleston seek to capture the city’s secluded gardens, flavorful cuisine and charming architecture. But what happens when the gracious, old soul of the South collides with the muddy fury of modern politics? Quite a lot actually. Dr. Amanda Ruth-McSwain spearheads the College’s Bully Pulpit Series, a program…


Experts Examine the Economy at Campus Politico Forums

On Thursday evening, The Bully Pulpit Series hosted two Politico Caucus forums in Alumni Hall. Coproduced by the Departments of Communication and Political Science, the Series aims to generate political dialogue on campus and help students discover their political identity. Founded in Arlington, Va., Politico is a political journalism organization covering both breaking news and…

South Carolina primary, CNN debate, provide students with volunteer opportunities

Recent events have drawn media attention to both South Carolina and Charleston.  Highlights include the Mike Huckabee Show filmed in the Sottile Theatre, a town hall with Congressman Ron Paul, the Steven Colbert and Herman Cain Rally, plus multiple CNN broadcasts featuring Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett. With the South Carolina primary shifting the political…

Newt Gingrich speaks with students and members of the community. The former Speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate spoke on campus yesterday, Nov. 28, in Sottile Theater. (Colin Johnson/GSO)

Gingrich speaks at the College, focuses on a campaign against Obama

Walking to the front of the stage, Congressman Tim Scott shouted out, “Good evening.” A weak response from the audience. He then said, “I said, Good evening.” The audience becomes louder with its response and Scott continues with the momentum. “It’s time in America for a new President.” Scott, a U.S. House Representative for South…

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