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Thanksgiving Like No Other

Imagine: almost forty New York Italians all under one roof for 7 days. Well that’s my family during Thanksgiving. And yes, it’s exactly like what you’d imagine. Loud, crowded and there’s LOTS of food. We all play cards every night, there’s dance parties, competitions and sometimes just chilling around the kitchen singing our family’s favorite…

Turkey Alternatives: Thanksgiving across the country

Every year it’s the same routine. For most of us, we crowd around a table decked out with a Butterball turkey, pillowy mountains of mashed potatoes, canned cranberry sauce and maybe some lightly sautéed (or microwaved) green beans. While these traditional spreads may hit the spot and satisfy your hunger, they can become dull year…


Food Truck Festival brings a new culture to CHS

Hey CofC students, you better get out your “fat pants”, because if you attended the Charleston Food Truck Festival last Saturday, February 21st, you’ve probably gained a few pounds. Held at 1600 Meeting St, this event featured ten local Charleston food truck vendors including Roti Rolls, Caribbean Creole, Auto-Bahn, Diggity Donuts, Zombie Bob’s Pizza and…


True love at second language: Professor Ravalico teaches taste

It’s the last day of finals and social media reeks of tired students ready to ditch town and kiss every class they’ve had this semester goodbye. Final reminders of completing course evaluations (due today, coincidentally) flood our emails and we hastily go to fill them out. But somewhere in between the bubbles of “Agree” and…

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