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Tensions Flare Between Senator McConnell and President Trump

The White House appears to be losing one of its most important allies as President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have not spoken since Aug. 9. CNN reports that President Trump called the Senator’s office to express his frustration with McConnell’s inaction surrounding the investigation of the President, and McConnell’s failure to secure…


In-fighting tears apart the GOP

  The phrase “October surprise” came about during the 1972 presidential election. The term describes a shocking maneuver made by one party to discredit the other, late in the campaign. Sex scandals, secret deals and the like usually deliberately take place in October, because they have a greater influence over voters’ ultimate decisions. In other words, October…


Sanders, Cruz Triumph in Last Week’s Primaries

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Ted Cruz emerged victorious from the Wisconsin primaries last Tuesday, blocking Hillary Clinton and  Donald Trump from gaining key delegates. The victory is vital for Cruz in his battle to shrink Trump’s lead. Cruz and Kasich continue to battle it out amid increasing rumors of a brokered convention in July, which would…


Primary Breakdown: Trump Wins Big in South Carolina, Nevada Caucus Today

Donald Trump emerged victorious from the South Carolina Republican Primary on Saturday by a large margin, edging out other GOP candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz with roughly a third of all votes cast. The primary itself was a clean sweep, with Trump taking all 50 South Carolina delegates. Trump now takes a commanding 33 percent…


Jeb Bush outlines plans for military dominance at Citadel Republican Society event

Presidential hopeful and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush addressed a standing-room-only crowd at the Citadel on Wednesday as part of a series of presidential nominees speaking to the Citadel Republican Society. Bush framed his speech within the tragedy of the recent attacks in Paris, addressing his plan to combat global terrorism if elected President….


Why Trump? Visting lecturer William Mayer explains

On Sept. 28, William G. Mayer PhD, political science professor at Northeastern University, came to the College to give a lecture on arguably the most interesting storyline of the 2016 election: Donald Trump, is running for president and is currently leading in the polls. Mayer, who has been called the nation’s leading authority on presidential…

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