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Film Producer Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Film producer Harvey Weinstein’s recent allegations of sexual misconduct have sparked a social media campaign in which women who have experienced sexual assault and harassment tweet #MeToo. The movement was started by Alyssa Milano who tweeted “If you have been sexually harassed or assaulted write Me Too as a reply to this tweet.” The hashtag…


The mourning after: Post election thoughts from the editorial staff of CisternYard News

Jaquan Leonard: Creative Director November of 2008, the day after Barack Obama was announced as the president-elect, I wore a t-shirt. Pictured on the front were the new president and first lady. On the back were the words “Yes We Can!” Sitting in class, a conservative student looked at me and said, “You just want…


#notmypresident sweeps country in weekend of protests

Early Wednesday morning, many people became anxious as they saw the televised map of America slowly taken over by red, one swing state after another flipping for Trump. Students chewed their nails and downed their drinks. So many voters, we would later find out, cast a ballot for the candidate they believed to be the “lesser of two…


Down to the wire

It is almost over guys, it is almost over.  Polling tightened ahead of today’s election when FBI Director James Comey’s announced a new probe investigating Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The new wave of emails were unearthed during an underage sexting investigation against Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The judicial department advised Comey…


The scandal that would not die

Scandal is nothing new this election season. Republican Nominee Donald Trump crowds the news with a fresh controversy every week, and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s private server emails haunted her from week one. Right on time, Clinton’s email usage emerged into the limelight once more. Over the past few weeks, Wikileaks released over 50,000 new sets of…


Sanders, Cruz Triumph in Last Week’s Primaries

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Ted Cruz emerged victorious from the Wisconsin primaries last Tuesday, blocking Hillary Clinton and  Donald Trump from gaining key delegates. The victory is vital for Cruz in his battle to shrink Trump’s lead. Cruz and Kasich continue to battle it out amid increasing rumors of a brokered convention in July, which would…


Off to the races!

From magazine rankings to movies, most portrayals of Charleston seek to capture the city’s secluded gardens, flavorful cuisine and charming architecture. But what happens when the gracious, old soul of the South collides with the muddy fury of modern politics? Quite a lot actually. Dr. Amanda Ruth-McSwain spearheads the College’s Bully Pulpit Series, a program…

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