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The Stolen Children

It’s easy to forget that over 10,000 children have been stolen from us this year. With a different news headline being pushed down our throat every other day, we tend to focus on the now instead of what happened weeks or maybe even months ago. With the daily outrages committed by President Trump and his…


Amazon and ICE: Recognizing Corporate Bias

Three weeks ago, Thedailybeast.com broke the story on Amazon employees meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees to discuss possibilities of  the agency using Amazon’s facial recognition software. This isn’t the first time that law enforcement groups have used Amazon’s Rekognition program. Documents reported from the ACLU showed that several city police departments have…


CofC students and faculty remember last snow day four years ago and last snow storm in ’89

For four and a half days, snow assailed Charleston. Two winter storms caused College of Charleston to close its doors, and sanitation crews charged with cleaning up the mess worked diligently to keep the city on its feet. Charleston, however, is not well equipped to handle the icy conditions of these winter storms. Due to…


College of Charleston cancels all classes and events for fourth time this semester due to inclement weather

UPDATE: The College announced at 5:47 p.m. that all classes and events will be cancelled again tomorrow, Feb. 13, due to expected weather conditions impacting the area. The winter air filled with whoops, hollers and wolf whistles at midnight last night as the news reached student-filled streets of Peninsular Charleston: Yet again, classes are cancelled…

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