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Southbound Panel Opening

Southbound’s Uncommon Access

With only a few days left to see the Halsey Institute’s Southbound exhibit, it’s no surprise that photographers have come together one last time to provide insight on seeing the world through a camera’s lens. “The Photographer and Uncommon Access: A Southbound Artists Panel” took place on February 23rd. Photography is often seen “as the…


ART KIDS: John Schumacher

John Schumacher’s laid-back style and welcoming smile are completely unassuming, but this surfer maintains over 27,000 Instagram followers and recently created an independent photography business – yeah, same. One look at his professional portfolio and you would never believe that this junior has been shooting for less than two years. This marketing major and religious…


Behind the Lens: Capturing the Art of Dorian Warneck

Charleston has a certain self-promoting image, of Rainbow Row and horse drawn carriages, of winning award after award, of being the “Friendliest City in the U.S.,” “Best Destination in the U.S.” and even “Best Post- College Town.” But there is more to this city than a list of accolades: there are people. Charlestonians lay claim…


The importance of street photography and Cheryl Dunn’s ‘Everybody Street’

There’s something overwhelmingly remarkable about the anatomy of a city street. Like concrete veins sprawling from a massive urban body, the streets carry with them the most vital component to the city: its lifeblood, its people. This idea is at the center of filmmaker and photographer Cheryl Dunn’s film documentary Everybody Street, which chronicles the…

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