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Real Talk: Finstas

During my sophomore year of high school, I was once tasked with consoling a friend over a harsh post about her on another peer’s Instagram. A foreign concept to me at the time, she explained how the content was posted on someone’s ‘finsta’. Short for ‘fake instagram’, finstas are merely private Instagram accounts created under…


The Youth Speaks Up. Is anyone listening?

Thousands upon thousands standing together. Their signs shouting different messages, yet alike in their intentions. Never Again.   This gun-control focused movement is only one of many organized by today’s young people, which have flourished in recent years – their ability to swiftly develop and involve the masses demonstrates this generation’s inability to be forgotten….


Seven College of Charleston students work with new fundraising app

Seven current College of Charleston students are working on the launch of a new fundraising app called Booster, which combines live streaming with monetary transactions, creating endless opportunities for individuals or organizations looking to raise money. Non-profit organizations, up and coming artists or musicians and individuals selling products are all potential users that can go…


Facebook announces steps to fight fake news

False information has been a reality of the Internet for as long as people have been logging online. With hoaxes like lonelygirl15 and Illuminati conspiracy theories, the web has fooled thousands across the globe. The problem persists to this day, plaguing social media sites with bots and conspiracy theories disguised as news. Facebook, in particular, fell…


Must you continuously steal my expressions?: A discussion on cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation: a term that can have several definitions. According to Urban Dictionary, cultural appropriation is “the ridiculous notion that being of a different culture or race (especially white) means that you are not allowed to adopt things from other cultures.” Another describes the term as “the act of contaminating white culture with outside influences.”…

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