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Politics with Pavlinec: Affirmative Action

Last month, the Trump administration prohibited Texas Tech Medical School from using affirmative action. Once again, our society faces the issue of race-based admissions. The block on affirmative action stemmed from a 2004 complaint against the practice from The Center for Equal Opportunity. An investigation followed in 2005 from the Department of Education. Investigators  then…


The Stolen Children

It’s easy to forget that over 10,000 children have been stolen from us this year. With a different news headline being pushed down our throat every other day, we tend to focus on the now instead of what happened weeks or maybe even months ago. With the daily outrages committed by President Trump and his…


Stop Promoting Fake News

We’re living during a time where all the information we could possibly need, or want, is available at our fingertips. Although, there’s a point at which we stop reading for facts and start reading headlines – thinking we’re getting the whole picture when we are not. Last week, President Trump said that the police responding…


President Trump Looks to Repeal Obama-Era Climate Change Plan

On Monday Oct. 9, the Trump Administration announced their plan to formally repeal Obama-era Clean Power Plan. What did the Clean Power Plan do? Establish carbon-emission standards on a state-by-state basis Allowed each state to produce its own plan based on their environmental and economical climate Planned to reduce national carbon emissions 32 percent below…


Not Everyone’s Flag

This past Friday, Donald Trump started a war with the National Football League. At a rally he held in Alabama, Trump used explicit language to describe how he feels about those who choose to kneel during the National Anthem. NFL players and owners alike responded to Trump’s blatant divisive language on a large scale this…

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